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 I am running for office as Civil District Court Judge! The decision was not an easy one, but I could no longer ignore the overwhelming desire to step out of my comfort zone and into public service.

I have the experience; 18 years as a civil trial litigator is something of which I am extremely proud. As an Assistant Attorney General straight out of law school, I was tossed into Federal and State Courts with no option but to sink or swim. I swam...hard and fast. Since that time, I’ve worked in the private sector, representing hardworking taxpayers, non-profit organizations, large corporations and financial institutions. My civil practice areas are expansive, both substantively and procedurally. I’ve built my career as an administrative Judge, ad litem, mediator, arbitrator and professor. I mentor, I manage, I teach, I litigate, I serve...I work.

It is imperative that Harris County—in all of its diversity—has someone behind the bench who is fair, well rounded, and capable of giving both sides a level playing field. I’ve been in the trenches; when walking into Court, Harris County constituents should not be afraid, but rather excited that they will have their day in Court. Whether win or lose, when you go to sleep at night, you should feel you were heard. Unfortunately, I’ve had sleepless nights because I or my client was not heard, and decisions were made before even opening our mouths.

I want a chance. As a Democrat, I realize this will not be a popular race or an easy one, but my mother has always said, “Nothing worth having is easy. If it’s too easy, you don’t want it.” Well I want this. I want to serve Harris County as your Judge for the 334th Civil District Court. Please #votedawn in the general election, November 3, 2020.

I’m running for a level playing field.
I’m running for a seat at the table.
I’m running to listen & learn.
I’m running to inspire & encourage.
I’m running to win.


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Dawn Rogers

For Harris County 334th District Court Judge